Why Kitten Vintage?

Why Kitten Vintage?

We have become a throw away society. We want something, be it clothes, furniture or a pair of earrings, and we want it now, we want it new and we don't care where it comes from or who made it.

If something breaks we don’t fix it we throw it away and buy a new one. Possibly one made by an underpaid mother in a country without adequate childcare or even running water.

One hundred years ago you had a pen or a watch for life, usually given as a gift at an important milestone birthday. Women saved to buy a sewing machine so they could sew clothing for the whole family, the 'Sunday best' was worn on special occasions and aprons saved many clothes from stains.

Even when I was young something like a box of Derwent pencils was coveted, and that box would last all through high school. Now kids get new pencils each year, or each few months, and nothing is treasured or looked after. Pens are thrown away when empty, we check the time on our phones (which need upgrading frequently) and clothes are worn a few times before being given to charity or thrown away.

Yet there are those among us who appreciate things that last. Old things, well made this, things that connect us with the past and bring back memories of those we have lost.

Here at Kitten Vintage in sunny Mackay, Queensland, we value vintage. We live it everyday. Our store is filled with old and antique furniture and decor. Sideboards and chairs, teacups and candlesticks, and everything in between. There might be a sofa like you cuddled up on as a child, A book your aunt used to read to you, a biscuit barrel that reminds you of grandpa and his chocolate biscuits, or a knife that grandma used to spread the butter. Sometimes just a glimpse of something in the store is enough to set of a chain of memories. We love to keep those memories alive, and to help build new ones with quality vintage items that have already stood the test of time and will bring joy for many more years to come.

You might not make it to our store, but if you love vintage like we do, feel free to follow us on Facebook or Instagram and visit a while.

We can also ship most small things, so have a look at our shop page . And if there's something you have at home you'd like to know more about, let us know and we'll see what we can find out.

Oh, and did I mention we have cats?!

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