Antique Goss Souvenir China

Antique Goss Souvenir China

After the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the UK the building of railways  in the 1850s opened up travel to working people rather than just the wealthy, and to seaside spots in particular.


A few of the potteries had the brilliant idea of making small porcelain souvenirs featuring crests and names of the seaside resorts. Credit often goes to one factory in particular, Falcon Pottery in Stoke on Trent, owned by William Henry Goss and his sons.

Often the souvenirs were in the shape of classic Greek and Roman pots, but miniatures of tourist attractions like Marble Arch and Shakespearean cottage were also made.

By the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, Goss china was immensely popular and it’s estimated at least 90% of  British homes had at least one piece of Goss crested China.


Genuine Goss usually has an inscription on the base describing the item and also Falcon or Goshawk crest with the name W.H.Goss below it. Other factories, including Wiltshaw & Robinson  (W &R Carlton) Shelley, William Gibson, Albion and Arcadian, also made souvenir ware but Goss is still the most collectable.  We have a little of all of them in the shop at present.

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