7 Reasons to use Silverware every day

7 Reasons to use Silverware every day

Do you have a special set of silverplate cutlery (flatware) in a velvet-lined box and take it out for special occasions? 

Or a silver plate tea service in the crystal cabinet or on the sideboard that’s never seen a tea leaf? 

I used to. In my family it seemed that nice, formal things, pretty expensive things, fancy things, should not be used except now and then…for guests, for special dinners, for holidays.

After dealing in Vintage for over twenty years I’ve seen so many things that never get used, and silverware is near the top of the list.

Here’s why I use my silverware every day, and you should too!

1. It’s beautiful - setting a table with bright shiny silver makes even the most humble dinner more attractive, and using a silver plate teapot for the morning cuppa gives you a shot of beauty in your day.

2. It’s hard to break - silver ware will literally last for ever, and can even be re-plated if need be. I have bent the odd piece, and the Bakelite handle of a favourite teapot did break, so try not to drop anything! Old silverware is great for children’s tea parties too, and for use by the pool instead of plastic.

3. It’s easy to wash - you can put it in the dishwasher, but I hand wash my cutlery after each meal (I don’t have a dishwasher at present). Just a quick soak and rinse, air dry and it’s done.

4. Silver polishing is meditative and rewarding - I find it relaxing, and love the before and after if I find a really tarnished piece. It’s almost as satisfying as making over furniture! It’s also a great school holiday activity for the kids or grandkids....just promise them a tea party when it’s done.

5. It’s good for sensitive teeth - I can taste often ‘taste’ stainless steel, and my teeth can react like it does to food (ok, chocolate) wrapped in aluminum foil. Silver plate cutlery doesn’t seem to affect me.

6. It’s  a good conversation starter - I have one set of cutlery from the 1920s and another that was a wedding gift in 1990, so they always prompt stories and memories....

7. It’s shiny - yes that sort of goes with beautiful, but even in a cupboard it can sparkle and add dimension to other things like China. And then if you set the table with silverware and add light or candles.....well!

So let me know....do you use silverware every day? Or so you have a favourite piece with a bit of a story?  











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